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In the spirit of sharing my favorite summer makeup tips, today I am sharing my secrets for a flawless face all day, EVEN in the summer sun, heat, and humidity. These are tricks I have learned through the years working in nightclubs, where the people are hot, and the temperature hotter.

Step 1 - EXFOLIATE. The sun dries out your skin, so it is very important in the summer to remove dead skin cells so that your face is a smooth canvas for makeup.

Step 2 - MOISTURIZER/PRIMER. If you use a primer that is silicone based instead of oil or water based, it will provide a silky smooth canvas for makeup application. Silicone molecules are larger than facial pores and therefore will glide flawlessly over the skin without clogging pores! My favorite is Per-fekt SKIN PERFECTING FLUID in transparent. (Colors are available if you need additional coverage)

$58 - Sephora Stores

Step 3 - CONCEALER. If you still have blemishes or dark circles to cover up do this now. My favorite concealer is CHANEL PRO LUMIERE. It is lightweight enough to look natural, but strong enough to cover even the toughest blemishes, and lasts all day. It is worth the investment in any makeup kit!

$45 - Major Department Stores Nationwide

Step 4 - LIGHTWEIGHT FOUNDATION. In the summer, LESS is MORE, so I like to use a lght, tinted moisturizer in place of foundation. My favorite is LAURA MERCIER TINTED MOISTURIZER SPF 20. This formula gives skin a healthy, natural glow without a heavily "made up" look. The SPF gives added protection from the sun!

$42 - Sephora Stores

If you need fuller coverage, I like YSL TEINT RESIST foundation. It offers a matte finish and all day wear that REALLY stays.

$55 - Sephora Stores

Step 5 - FINISH. Most consumers have the idea that using a powder to finish their makeup is they key to lasting coverage and less shine. While this may be true on movies, television, and professional photo shoots, in real life powder makes the skin look aged, and is WAY too much coverage for a light summer look. My favorite new finishing product is MALLY's EVERCOLOR PORELESS FACE DEFENDER, which goes on translucent and provides the same finish effect as powder, while setting your makeup for all day wear.

$40 QVC Exclusive

Step 6 - (OPTIONAL) AEROSOL MAKEUP FIXER. If you have a problem with excessive perspiration, are in an area of excessive humidity, or you will be engaging in strenuous physical activity, you can make sure your makeup won't EVEN THINK of budging all day! My favorite Is KRYOLAN FIXIER SPRAY. This is what industry professionals using to keep makeup from melting on Brodway and is durable enough to withstand the bright lights and heat of the stage!

$20 - Alcone Company

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