But We Are In A RECESSION!!!

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Monday, July 5, 2010

Now that you all have spent your money partying and travelling all summer, there is nothing left for beauty, right? WRONG! I have discovered some drugstore products that may just be the secret that gets your skin through these tough times! While all of you know how much I believe in spending money on beauty, there are times when we need to be frugal. All week, I will be sharing secrets on how to keep your face (and wallet) looking fresh!

FACE WASH: NEUTROGENA One Step Gentle Cleanser
This is one amazing product! Strong enough to remove even the most stubborn makeup while cleansing the skin gently and effectively, leaving skin soft and supple. If you need to cut cost anywhere, do it here. Cleanser stays on your skin for 30 seconds, so the benefits to the skin are minimal.

$8 - Drugstores Nationwide

MOISTURIZER: AVEENO Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer
The feverfew in this moisturizer is a powerful antioxidant and calming agent which works great for sensitive skin and redness. The SPF also makes this a great daily moisturizer to prevent sun damage to the face.

$14 - Drugstores Nationwide

EXFOLIATOR: ALBA Sea Algae Enzyme Facial Scrub
With almond oil, aloe vera, and seaweed extracts, this gentle scrub clears pores while balancing infusing the skin with essential amino acids, leaving skin smooth and bright.

$10 - Target www.target.com

Botanics Complexion Refining Clay Mask

$9 - Target www.target.com

EYE CREAM: GARNIER Skin Renew Daily Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream
This inexpensive eye cream helps tighten delicate eye skin and includes Kiwi extract, Vitamin C, and Lyopene, all which are very powerful antioxidants. Repeated use will help improve your sun damaged, sleep deprived eyes!

$14 - Drugstores Nationwide

BODY WASH: ST. IVES Apricot Scrub
A cult classic used by teens, housewives, and everyone in between. Use the sensitive skin formula and it is light enough for daily use. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells so that new ones can quickly regenerate leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

$4 - Drugstores Nationwide

This classic, odorless formula soothes dry, itchy skin with calming oatmeal. This great lotion moisturizes for 24 hours without greasiness or stickiness. This intense lotion is also great for after sun cooling and calming!

$6-$16 - Drugstores Nationwide

As I'm sure All of you do, I have a bathroom cabinet FULL of products I have tried once, and decided I hated. Luckily these products won't break the bank. If you have other drugstore skincare that has worked well for you, please email me at matthew@stetsondesigngroup.com and I will test it out! Remember to check the ingredients of skincare you are buying! If it contains lots of chemicals you can't pronounce, it's probably not the best for your skin!


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