Finish Off Your Look With Summer Makeup!

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Thursday, August 19, 2010

In June, I discussed my Summer Top Ten, well it's about that time of the season when, because you haven't followed my previous advice, that you may need to try some new things.  Your look should still be easy and fresh, and these 5 tips will leave you looking more like an off duty supermodel than an off duty corrections officer.

1. TINTED MOISTURIZER.  I cannot stress enough that in the summer, less is more! Whether you mix some foundation into your moisturizer or save time by using an all in one product such as the Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint from YOUNGBLOOD, which will give you a sheer coverage, an antioxidant moisturizer, and sunscreen in one easy step!

$40 - Youngblood

2. BRONZER. While bronzer does have its place in the world of beauty, you have to use it very carefully unless you want to end up looking like one of the girls from "Jersey Shore".  First, bronzer does not exist to make you look darker or more tan, it exists to make your existing color look sun-kissed, so don't try to go darker than your current skin color.  Second, choose a bronzer with a shimmer in it to give your skin a luminous glow.  Use a LARGE brush and tap off excess before going anywhere near your face.  Apply a light dusting in circular motions, following the contour of the face. Use CARGO's bronzer for a lightweight look that won't leave you looking like a tanning bed explosion.
$25 - Cargo

3. GLITTER.  It's summer, so don't be afraid to sparkle a little, as long as you stop yourself short of looking like a walking disco ball...unless you are going for that look, in which case, by all means.  Use a shimmer powder like YOUNGBLOOD Lunar Dust to highlight cheekbones, decollete, legs, and arms for that perfect after-sun glow (even if you have yet to see sunlight this summer)! Also try experimenting with shimmer in eyeshadow, liner, and lip color (though avoid those frosty white lip colors you see on "Jersey Shore")

$30 - Youngblood

4. WATERPROOF.  Whether you are sweating or swimming, using waterproof products will keep your face looking fresh all day (or all night) long. For truly extreme wear the Aqua Collection of color from MAKE UP FOR EVER is simple the only way to go.  From outrageous lip and eyeliner and the smokiest mascara you have ever seen to the revolutionary Aqua Cream, which features 22 shades of the ultimate in waterproof eye, cheek, and lip color. TIP: Aqua Cream dries very quickly, so practice on your hand or arm first!

$17-$22 Each - Sephora Stores

5. GLOSS. Use it and love it! The summer is not over, so continue to avoid heavy lip color and go natural with a lightweight gloss to leave your lips looking perfectly dewy and delicious! My newest favorite is the Lip Moisturizer from JUICE BEAUTY.  Not only are these great glosses certified organic, but they have SPF 8 to protect your lips from harsh UV rays.

$6 - Sephora Stores

Remember, while the days are still long and the sun is still high, keep the makeup light and fresh.  There will be plenty of opportunity for drama as the days grow shorter!


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