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Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Tuesday, August 3, 2010

With the theme of keeping it natural, we will be looking at how to maintain your body AND the environment.  Even though many ingredients may seem "natural", does not mean that you should put them on your skin and there are many common ingredients which should be avoided.  Upon surfing the internet, I was SHOCKED to find how much incorrect information is out there, so this list is the only list you need to know.

The petroleum byproducts coat your skin like plastic and clog your pores.  As we know, blocked pores can cause a buildup of toxins, can cause breakouts, and may even be linked to certain types of cancer.  One very commonly used mineral oil product is baby oil, which, contrary to popular belief, should not be used on babies or any skin for that matter.

These widely used cosmetic preservatives can disrupt hormone levels (they mimic estrogen) and has even been linked to cancer.

This water-soluble acid is highly corrosive to the skin and eyes and can cause circulatory collapse, respiratory issues, paralysis, and even death.

This known carcinogen used to be found in American fast food, and is in cigarette smoke, carbonated beverages, and deep-fried food, and actually decomposes to form AMMONIA!

This chemical works because it beaks down the skin's barrier, allowing itself to penetrate, along with the rest of your product.  This harsh detergent and effective foaming agent is a common skin irritant and can cause hair loss and may be linked to cancer in some studies.  It is used in many soaps, shampoos, etc because it is so inexpensive.

This ether is known by the state of California to cause cancers and is often disguised in ingredients lists.  Look for ingredients with "-eth" in them such as "oleth, steareth, polyethylene, etc".

With no specific reason other than one fragrance may contain upward of 2,000 chemicals, all with the potential to irritate the skin.  (Many are petroleum derivatives)

So, on that note, I would like to share my favorite body collection (which does not feature any of those ingredients) from ORIGINS.  The Ginger Collection features a scrub, body wash, and body creme utilizing ginger, olive oil, and grape seed oil...all with proven benefits to the skin...plus the natural oils provide a natural (without additive fragrance) scent that is soothing and relaxing!

$22-$28 Origins www.origins.com

There are so many amazing body products out there, and as the skin on your body isn't as sensitive as your face, choose one that you enjoy, and let me know what's worked for you! matthew@stetsondesigngroup.com


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