High Definition: What it Means to You.

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Monday, September 27, 2010

For the past few years, the word on every makeup artist's mind is one thing:


Unforgiving is what High Definition is.  With traditional film, makeup, hair, and costume was somewhat flexible, but now with high definition technology, every speck, hair out of place, and pore will show...with stunning realism.  But what does this mean for you?

You are not a regular on red carpets, or appearing on the cover of a magazine so you don't need to upgrade to high definition, right? WRONG!  The challenge of high definition is offering medium to full coverage, without appearing heavily made-up, so in other words, looking naturally flawless.  Now THAT is something that every girl needs.  With the newest HD Makeup, you can look natural in person and flawless on camera, which is something that everyone can get into.

You can very easily recreate that HD finish at home with a few simple steps...

1. MOISTURIZE.  Moisturized skin allows for a smoother, more flawless application and overly dried skin can look flaky and uneven to both the cameras AND the naked eye.  Try MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Elixer, which hydrates the skin several hundred percent, and lasts for hours.  Apply a thin layer to the skin and allow to dry for 30 seconds.

$38 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

2. PRIME. Use a silicone-based primer.  You don't need to spend a lot of money to achieve a perfect look.  The SEPHORA house brand offers a very good one.  Warm the primer in your palm, and then apply a thin layer over the skin in downward strokes with a cosmetic sponge.  Allow it to set for about 30 seconds.

$15 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

3. CONCEAL.  Using a very fine concealer brush, apply concealer to troubled areas (under eyes, blemishes, etc).  Using a cool-toned concealer will counteract redness, and a warm-tones fight dark circles.  Start by squeezing a small amount onto the top of your hand, and applying a small amount over desired area and blending out with the rest of the skin.  I like the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Concealer because of the wide range of tones available to really create that un-made-up look.

$28 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

4. EVEN skin tone with a very high quality foundation.  There are many companies advertising HD makeup and much of it is simply a marketing tool, with some being much too heavy for daily use.  For everyday wear, try DIOR Capture Totale.  Not only does this foundation cover perfectly, but it looks natural AND contains SPF 15 for sun protection.  TIP: Instead of using a traditional foundation brush, use a dual-fiber brush (often specified for blush), and pick up a small amount of foundation off the top of your hand.  Apply to the face in circular downward motion for a truly "airbrushed" effect.  Make sure to blend down the neck to avoid the "mask" look.

$76 - Bloomingdales www.bloomingdales.com

5. FIX.  Traditionally, liquid makeup is set with powder, but I have found that unless you know how to expertly apply powder, it can come out looking clay-like (though a must if you have problems with shine).  If you are using powder, make sure to use a large, good-quality powder brush, and tap off excess before lightly dusting face.  Another option, though, is to use a fixative spray such as MODELCO Beauty Fix, which keeps foundation put all day long.

$34 - Henri Bendel 5th Avenue www.modelco.com.au

Now that you have your base down, stay tuned for tomorrow on how to step it up with facial contouring...


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