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Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now that you have set up your bathroom for the ultimate in relaxation, you are ready to get started on your spa experience.

1. Start with a cool shower to start the relaxation and prep your skin for treatments. Don't scrub or use soap...just relax and let the water wash over you. BATH BY BETTIJO makes an innovative shower infuser, with sweet peppermint extract which will sooth your senses and calm any exterior stresses.  These also work great anytime you need a little pampering in your daily routine!

$36 - Bath By Bettijo

2. Get a massage.  Trust me, it's worth spending the $150 or so to have a freelance massage therapist come in with a table and work out your muscles for ultimate relaxation.  Massage not only eases muscle strain from working out, it also releases toxins, and proven to increase self esteem by releasing endorphines. Licensing is different from state to state, and not all people claiming to be massage therapists are trained in all type of massage.  Make sure to ask what type of massage will be done (you most likely want Swedish). is a great place to start!

Make sure to have your own massage oil or lotion.  For normal/dry skin, the Enrich Massage and Body Oil from AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES contains macadamia, olive, coconut, and evening primrose oils to soften and smooth with infusions of pure essential oils.  For more sensitive and/or oily skin, try the Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress from PEVONIA BOTANICA, which contains safflower seed, orange peel, and geranium oil for a silky smooth experience.

$53 - Aromatherapy Associates

$27.50 - Pevonia Botanica

3. Use an exfoliation treatment.  Now there are sugar scrubs, and salt scrubs..each with their own benefits, but why not combine both? Now the Sugar Salt Glow Body Scrub from AROMAFLORIA does just that.  With sugar, salt, honey a seaweed paired with soothing essential oils, this scrub will really leave your skin refreshed and silky-smooth.  TIP: For maximum effect, massage into each area for at least 5 minutes to remove dead skin cells and reveal beautiful glowing skin.

$13.50 - Aromafloria

4. Take a bath.  Those of you out there who claim to not have time for a bath, or this self-pampering in general have obviously not experienced an aromatherapy bath.  Start with very warm/hot water and as the tub fills, add either your bath oil, or bath salts.  Bath oil is great if you have dry skin or a skin condition like eczema and AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES makes a wonderful assortment of bath oils, which are expertly blended in formulas including Relax, Revive, and Support.  If you love the effervescent tingle of bath salts, or you have more oily skin, try AROMAFLORIA Stress Less Ocean Mineral Bath Salts

$60 Each - Aromatherapy Associates

$16 - Aromafloria

5. Moisturize.  Now everyone has their favorite body lotion, and those are great for everyday, but for your at-home spa experience, we are talking about pampering.  BUBALINA Body Butter Creme comes in the aromatic scent for everyones need, and made with certified organic ingredients including aloe, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, cucumber, chamomile, grape seed oil, and vitamins b and e.....and more.  This creme, with its laundry list of soothing ingredients, is the perfect finish to your luxurious body treatments, leaving skin soft and supple without leaving a greasy residue.

$24 - Bubalina

REMEMBER...Keep your lighting soft, and your music calm.  If you are using aromatherapy oils, salts, soaps, and candles, make sure that they complement each other or are in the same scent family, otherwise you'll just wind up with a nasty headache.  Stay tuned tomorrow for some invigorating facial treatments that you can do at home!


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