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...and as per usual, I have had an INSANE week. Between running to meetings, photo shoots, and everything else in between, I haven't even had the time to put together an amazing week of blogging. Well I've got three days of Halloween Q&A for you starting today with a friend's reqest for tips on recreating the Marie Antionette look from the movie starring Kiersten Dunst. Even if this isn't your ideal costume, think outside the box and how you can use these techniques for your look!

So this is what we are going for:

So impossible to get this kind of volume with your real hair, right? WRONG! While its going to take some work, your hair can look like this too!  Start by setting your hair into a loose curl with an iron or a set of curlers (use heat-set in your hair is particularly straight).  Then, what you want to do is attach a hair piece close to your natural color to the back of your head using a pin curl (twist hair with fingers until it becomes very tight then cross-pin with two bobby pins).  For best results use one thats like a ponytail with a clip already attached and form a bun with it.  This is where it gets tricky and time consuming.

With a lot of strong hold hairspray (I like BEAD HEAD Hard Head), start pulling up the pieces and pinning them around this "bun" that you have created, being careful to hide the pins.  You may want to get some help for the back pieces.  All the while ensure that you are using LOTS, and I mean LOTS of hairspray.  Once you have the up-do together, its a walk in the park.  You are going to want to spray the entire thing with white hairspray, even if you have blonde hair.  The best is KRYOLAN Color Spray in D20(white).  Since you have used so much spray, your hair is going to be very stiff, and it will be easy to pin the flower to the side (the lighter it is, the better it will stay for the evening).

$16 - Bed Head at Drugstores Nationwide

$8 - Kryolan at Alcone Company

Your first instinct when shopping for makeup is to go straight for the clown white, and its actually best to NOT do this.  What you want to do is first start with a non-silicone primer.  (I suggest non silicone this time as you really want full coverage for this look, and silicone creates too thin of a layer)  Try the SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light (it's water-based).  Then, using a makeup sponge, apply your foundation (MAKE UP FOR EVER Pan Stick Foundation in Ivory works great) in a patting motion, tapping the color onto your skin.  do not rub, as the coat may be too light.  Finish with a translucent powder.  No eye makeup is required here, but you are going to want to rosy cheek tint.  Using a large blush brush starting on the apples of the cheeks, sweep color back and away from the face to create that perfect blend.  Try BOBBI BROWN Blush in Apricot.  Last, focus on the lips first with a nude pencil to prevent bleeding, then using a lip brush, apply the lipstick carefully over the lips without extending past the edges.  MAKE UP FOR EVER's Rouge Artist Intense in #42 will give you that perfect shade with a hint of orange!

$36 - Sephora Stores

$30 - Make Up For Ever

$22 - Bobbi Brown at Fine Department Stores Nationwide

$19 - Sephora Stores


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