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You've seen it everywhere, from Vogue, to Elle, to those annoying sales girls on the cosmetics floor of your favorite department store: Look Younger, Look Fabulous at 40, etc...

Well, luckily for you, it turns out that these methods, while some more effective than others, may actually work.  When applying these wonderful makeup and skincare tips, keep in mind a few things: You want to look fresh and energetic for your age, not like you are trying to look younger than you actually are, so its important to stick within the following guidelines.

Your 20s are a time to party, have fun, stay up late, and go to work on little sleep...but if you aren't careful, your skin will soon catch up with years of abuse, so take a few important steps now, and you are sure to have great skin for the rest of your life.

I don't care how late you stay up, or how tardy you are for work, washing your face twice a day will promote new cell growth (which keeps your skin looking young), remove makeup, and generally keep pores clean and maintain skin tone.

BIOELEMENTS Flash Foam Cleanser
Includes pineapple to gently exfoliate, green tea antioxidants, and vitamin b5 to moisturize.

$34 - Bioelements www.bioelements.com

Start now with a good quality ant-aging moisturizer to stay ahead of the curve.  Once those fine lines and wrinkles set in, its already too late, so use a moisturizer rich in antioxidants to maintain that youthful glow!  If you have the cash, splurge on a good quality night cream and use it daily.  Your skin repairs itself while you sleep, so adding this extra step will really pay off in the end.

FREEZE 24/7 Ice Cream Double Scoop
Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer

$105 - Freeze 24/7 www.freeze247.com

If you have been eying that bright purple eyeshadow, or the tangerine gloss you saw on the fashion week runways, GO FOR IT! While your young, you can still get away with something a little more wild or edgy!  Try a new eyeshadow or lipstick, or an edgy hairstyle, because pretty soon, that outrageous look will start to look ridiculous!

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow

$23 - NARS Cosmetics www.narscosmetics.com

All of that partying can leave your face looking puffy and tired, so combat the fatigue with an ice pack in the morning, which will work to tighten puffy skin and leave you looking like you had a full 8 hours of sleep!


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