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Male Pattern Baldness is a genetic condition in which hormone levels affect hair production on the scalp and is the cause of 95% of those with hair loss. In men with baldness, testosterone is converted to DHT by Alpha-5 Reductase, an enzyme in the body, and DHT slows down hair production, resulting in shorter hair, and in some cases can actually halt hair production all together. There are many treatments available for male pattern baldness though, and the type of treatment depends on how severe your hair loss is, and if you are trying to regrow hair or just keep existing hair.
Types of Male Pattern Baldness

1. FINASTERIDE (PROPECIA) Orginally developed to treat enlarged an prostate, finasteride is an Alpha-5 Reductase inhibitor, therefor blocking the production of DHT and allowing hair to grow normally.  This became the first drug in history which was effective on the majority of men using it, and in 1997, a 1mg dosage became one of the first FDA approved treatment for hair loss.

Available by Perscription Only

2. MINOXIDIL (ROGAINE) Originally used for years to treat high blood pressure, subjects noticed odd hair growth patterns such as on their hands and cheeks.  Scientists thought if the pill form was changed and applied topically, hair growth could be controlled.  While this treatment is not recommended by experts as the main method of treating hair loss, as it does not block alpha-5 reductase, but used in conjunction with Propecia, it can be an effective second treatment.

$60 - Drugstores Nationwide

Surgical hair transplants can only be done by a doctor in a procedure in which DHT resistant follicles are transplanted from the back of the head to the area of hair loss.  This is an effective, yet most expensive (and most permanent) method of treating hair loss.

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