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If your bathroom or vanity looks anything like mine, there are jars, tubes, and bottles of partially used product everywhere! Don't hang onto these items just because you "paid good money" for them, or because you don't want to waste, and furthermore...they could have gone bad!!!  So how do you know when its time to toss? Follow my easy guide and you will tidy up your space in no time!

If you have a mascara in your kit thats more than 6 months old, you will have probably noticed that the texture has changed dramatically.  As mascara dries out, it will get clumpy and sticky, so your best bet is to toss it after 3-4 months and treat yourself to a new one!

These colors can actually go rancid, and if it has a weird taste, it should not go on your lips.  My advice is to toss these after about a year, lipsticks maybe a year and a half.  TIP: Applying gloss and lipstick with a brush and not directly onto your lips will eliminate contamination from bacteria and keep your products fresh longer!

If its a cream foundation that you dip your fingers, a sponge, or brush into regularly, its best to get rid of these after 3-4 months.  If its a liquid with a pump, go ahead and keep those for 6 months.

POWDERS (eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, foundation)
Since powder is dry, it has a much longer shelf life so use your discretion.  If you have had a blush since high school, chances are you should toss it, but if you have had it a year or two and it looks OK, then its probably fine!

The great thing about pencils is that every time you sharpen it, its like a brand new product.  As long as you still have pencil left, feel free to hold onto these.

If taken care of properly, brushes can last for years and years.  Use a quick change brush cleaner between each use, and shampoo once a week using warm water and dawn dish soap.  If your brushes look like they have been sitting at the bottom of a suitcase for a year, toss them and grab some fresh ones!

Once opened, skincare actually does go bad over time, so try to use your products as soon as your buy them, and if you aren't thrilled with them, give them away to a friend!  Jars of cremes that you dip your fingers into should be tossed after 3 months, while pumps and tubes can usually last 6 months to a year.  If you are never going to use it again, get rid of it!!!


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