So You Want To Be The Glitterati?

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So we couldn't talk about NYC Gay Pride without discussing preferred product of myself and so many of my friends; glitter! Glitter is a finicky little product, but when used properly, can greatly enhance most makeup look from high fashion to highlighting. Before we begin, there are a few things you need to know. Craft glitter is NOT the same as makeup glitter!!! Craft glitter contains large, metallic pieces with sharp edges that can irritate the skin, and even cause blindness, while makeup glitter is ultra-fine pieces of non-metallic material with rounded edges that makes it safe for the eyes. There is a reason that makeup glitter costs more!!
Two of my favorite glitters are MEHRON's Paradise Glitter, and MAKE UP FOR EVER's Glitter. Both are of equal quality and color choice, so you be the judge!

$5.95 - Mehron

$13 - Sephora Stores

There are many ways to use glitter, and as an avid glitter user, I an offer you some insider tips to make your experience a great one!

LARGE AREAS: Great for doing abstract designs on the face or for glitter around the eyes. Ultrafine glitter will stick to anything moist, so start with a primer, similar to that of the metallic makeup. Dip a dry powder brush into your glitter and pat over the desired area for the glitter to stick. Never use a wiping motion with glitter as it will smudge your primer! You will need to continue to dip the brush in the glitter quite frequently if you are doing a large area on the face. As a last step, you need to use one of my favorite cosmetics products; a thin coat of She-Laq from BENEFIT will seal in the glitter for a flawless look that wont drip or smudge.

$30 - Sephora Stores

TIP: Using a colored cream makeup as your base will intensify the color of your glitter!
TIP: As with metallic powder, be careful not to let any excess drop on the face, as it will be very difficult to remove!

SMALLER AREAS and DETAILS: For glitter eyeliner, or intricate details in glitter, use this technique. In a mixing well, mix equal parts MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Seal and glitter, ensuring that its the consistency of an acrylic paint. Using a fine eyeliner brush, apply the glitter liquid to the face, ensuring that you allow 30-60 seconds for the formula to dry before moving the face.

$20 - Sephora Stores

TIP: Using an eyeliner pencil in the same color as a base for your details will really make the color POP!

GLITTER LIPS: There is always a debate as to the best way to create this fabulous effect, but I have a tried and true method that I'm going to share. First, color in the entire lip in with a matte lip pencil, such as the NARS Matte Touch (you can use the same color as the glitter or experiment with adding multi-dimensional color). Then, coat the entire lip in gloss (again, its your choice to keep it monochromatic or multi-colored). NOTE: Be careful to only get the gloss where you want glitter. Third, using your finger (this is important!), pack the glitter onto the lip, being careful not to get any excess on your face. Last, give the entire lip a coating of She-Laq, making sure to keep the entire mouth open while it dries and sets.
Voila! Glitter lips that will not budge! (Although you should drink with a straw and avoid kissing!)

GLITTER AS A HIGHLIGHTER: This dry technique can give the entire face a sparkle of glamour! Its as simple as dipping a dry blush brush into your WHITE ONLY glitter, and brushing over cheekbones, bridge of nose, and forehead just above eyebrows, and spraying with a fixing spray such as MEHRON's Barrier Spray.

REMOVING GLITTER: No amount of soap and water or eye makeup remover is going to get all of that glitter off of your face, so use a piece of masking tape to get every last piece off of your skin!

It's glitter, so have fun...and email me your own experience!


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