Take it to the next level with RHINESTONES!

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Now that you have the basics of metallics and glitter down, you can really pump up the volume, by gluing what I like to call "accessories" onto your face or body! Using face "accessories" allows you to add a dimesnionality to your look, whether you are keeping simple and gluing to the inside corners of the eyes (which looks fabulous by the way)to creating an entire bedazzled look.

There are 3 basic types of "accessory" out there, and while they all can vary in size, shape, and color, the main difference is in quality and shine.

SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL: The most expensive, yet also the most dazzling short of putting actual diamonds on your face. For true brilliance, luxury, and style this is your only option. Available in many many colors and sizes, you will mostly enounter round crystals, though shapes do exist.

$4-$7 per pack M&J Trimming www.mjtrim.com

A great mid range option with great shine at a great price. A little bit more difficult to find and with fewer options than the other two, glass crystals are a great everyday "accessory".

$4.20-$11.50 per pack (bulk) Berger Beads www.bergerbeads.net

ACRYLIC RHINESTONES: The cheapest and least dazzling choice, but the variety of size and shape make these ideal for certain situations or if you are on a budget. At a cost of $2-$3 for 50 or so pieces, these make it easy to cover large areas on the cheap!

Craft Supply Stores Nationwide

There are many types of adhesive out there, but there are a few tricks I have learned during my tenure.

EYELASH GLUE: The makeup artist's secret, eyelash glue is one of the best ways to hold small gems to your face! Make sure you get the CLEAR glue for INDIVIDUAL LASHES such as ARDELL's Lashtite Adhesive.

$6.50 - Drugstores Nationwide

GEM GLUE: MEHRON's Ad Gem is specially designed to glue gemstones to the skin. I find that this is the best option for body jewels, as it dries rubbery and flexibile so gems won't pop off during body movements!

$7.95-$14.95 Mehron www.mehron.com

WIG GLUE: Another secret, and for very serious gluing only! Use wig glue if you are adhering anything larger than a rhinestone to your face such as actual jewelry, etc. The hold is unparalleled.

$24.95 - www.amazon.com

TECHNIQUE: While you can use your fingers, or any other method you like, this is how I do it.. First, use a large flat surface to lay out your crystals, flat side down. Then pour out a small amount of glue (a little goes a long way!). Using a pair of slanted tweezers. pick up the rhinestone and lightly touch it to the glue then touch it to the face and release. This takes some practice so try it out a few times first. For larger items, glue can be applied directly to the "accessory" and then applied to the face with fingers. NOTE: Once the gem is placed, they CANNOT be repositioned, so apply carefully!


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