What's That SMELL?

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In the spirit of men's week, today we are going to discuss something everyone uses, but few people know how to use properly: COLOGNE. Cologne, often called Eau de Toilette, is the lesser concentrated mens counterpart to Eau de Parfum. Everyone has a favorite, but not all scents smell good on all people, and scent stories say ALOT about your personality!

1. Browse scents and spray scents you like onto a paper card. (Spraying on your wrist will combine scents and get confusing)
2. Make sure to smell coffee beans between testing, as it clears the scent palate.
3. Once you have settled on a few that you like, leave the store and continue to try the scent for 24 hours.
4. When you have chosen one or two that you really like, return to the store and try them on your skin, at which point you can decide if it works for you.

REMEMBER, lighter scents are suitable for daily/daytime wear, and heavier scents are better for the evening!


CITRUS (Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon): You are fresh, sporty, and youthful. Life is casual and fun. Look for DOLCE & GABBANA Light Blue, LACOSTE Essential, and GIOGIO ARMANI Aqua di Gio.

SPICEY (Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg): You are sophisticated, stylish, and confident. Look for CHANEL Allure, CALVIN KLEIN Obsession, and RALPH LAUREN Purple Label.

FLORAL (Lavender, Lily, Iris): You are a helpless romantic, with an exotic personality. Look for DONNA KAREN NEW YORK DKNY Men, DAVIDOFF Cool Water, and GIANFRANCO FERRE Ferre Men.

MUSKY (Sandalwood, Leather, Sage): You are a man's man. Down to earth, resilient, and outdoorsy. Look for JOHN VARVATOS Vintage, VALENTINO V, and HALSTON Z-14.

People should know you are there, not know that you are coming. Quantity is the most important rule when wearing cologne.
1. Aftershave is NOT cologne, and therefore the scent does not last as long. (LISTEN UP, ALL YOU AXE USERS!)
2. Hit the proper spots. Heat intensifies the scent so spraying on the neck is a good start. Many men also like to apply behind the ears and wrists.
3. Use in moderation. Don't ever use more than 3 sprays at once!
4. It is okay to reapply after a long period of time. If you applied in the morning, you can reapply mid afternoon (or right before happy hour!)

At the end of the day, fragrance is a personal choice, so have fun and try different scents! Often department stores have free samples, so try a few, and decide on your favorite! Also, Sephora has a great sample kit for only $70, allowing you to try several options, without spending a fortune on full size product!


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