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Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We all know men are hairy, but in an effort to keep this blog family friendly, I am focusing hair on the head, which is often neglected by most men. Caring for your hair is just as important for men as it is women, and there are a few rules to follow to ensure that your hair is fully of shine, body, and style.

1. PAT DRY: Rubbing with a towel can break fragile wet hair, and even pull the hair follicles out! This process can take longer, but you will notice a difference in a few weeks time. Also, blow-drying is extremely damaging to hair, so only blow dry if you must and use a thermo-care styling product beforehand.

2. COOL OFF: Scalding hot water may feel great in the shower, but it strips the hair of too much natural oil and leaved hair more succeptable to damage.

3. AVOID CHEMICALS: Chemical treatments such as relaxing or coloring strip the follicle and leave hair dry and brittle. If you must do these, only do with a professional hair stylist.

4. SHAMPOO/CONDITION: Use those of good quality and it will really make a difference in the appearance and texture of your hair. Inexpensive products can add wax and other harmful chemicals to your hair. REDKEN FOR MEN makes a great shampoo/conditioner called Go Clean.

$12-$26 Ricky's NYC

5. TOOLS: Do not ever brush wet hair, and if you must comb, use a wide toothed comb to work out tangles gently.

6. STAY HEALTHY: Follow instructions on vitamin intake I suggested last week. What is good for your skin is good for your hair!


8. GET IT CUT: Every 6 weeks to keep ends healthy and your style fresh.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of styling products available, and several designed especially for men. If your hair is dry/curly/long/etc you should use products specific for you. As with all products, a little goes a long way!

Great for dry hair, but greasiness can result.

Use only for serious hold. Be careful though, because too much and your hair will look wet all day long. I personally don't ever like using gel. It flakes too easily, and you should never be referred to as "helmet head." There are enough good pomade and wax products out there.

Most men are afraid of this, but it is an essential tool for setting your style. After you style with gel, paste, etc set your style with a light spray to hold in place. Hairspray is also great for adding texture and volume into the hair. My favorite spray is GOT2B Glued. Warning: This spray is industrial, and a little goes a VERY long way. Spray from 8-12" away from head.

$7 Major Drugstores Nationwide

Is light and fluffy and great for a natural hold if you have medium length hair. Mousse tends to flake if you use too much so use it sparingly.

A favorite of most men, it comes in all shapes and sizes, matte and shine. Use a small amount and warm up in hands before running through wet or dry hair. I like to run it through wet hair, then restyle and fix with spray for a naural looking hold. Use a small amount or hair can look greasy. BED HEAD FOR MEN makes a great product called MATTE SEPARATION WORKABLE WAX that can hold almost any style.

$15 Major Drugstores Nationwide

The heaviest and driest of all styling products, but is GREAT for styling short hair. AMERICAN CREW makes the absolute best with its Fiber putty.

$13 Major Drugstores Nationwide

There is very little that can be done about hair loss unless you want to get hair transplant surgury or start using rogaine...or so I thought. Then I discovered an amazing collection of products from FREDERICK FEKKAI. More is a series of shampoo, conditioner, and treatment which when used for a period of time, actually regrows hair!

$100 - Sephora Stores

I just discovered this wonderful product from REDKEN FOR MEN. It's called Color Camo and it covered up grey hair dramatically in only ten minutes!

$14 - Ricky's NYC


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