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Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So you are in your 30s and ghosts of spring breaks past are beginning to rear their ugly heads.  If you took moderate care of your skin in your 20's, this may not have happened, but that is neither here nor there.  Hope is not lost, as at this point the damage should be minimal and you can still take steps to imporove the life of your skin!

1.  STILL...NO SMOKING! The same damage it did in your 20s is being amplified now, so cut it out before its too late!

2. EXCERSIZE! Working out will keep your muscles and skin taught.  Keeping your body weight down in your 30s is crucial, as if your weight fluctuates, skin will lose elasticity and therefore result in more wrinkles later.

4. EAT RIGHT! Getting the proper nutrition now will set you up for healthy skin later.  It's not about just popping vitamins, but eating foods that will get your vitamins.  One vitamin I do reccommend taking is L-Lysine, which is an essential amino acid that the body CANNOT produce, and it is essential for cellular regeneration and tissue function.

5. EXFOLIATE! This is the time when cellular regeneration slows, which can leave your skin looking dull and lifelike.  Using a regular exfoliator will keep cell production at its maximum.  Don't forget your body as well! I really like ZIRH Clean Face Wash with alpha hydroxy acid, which gently exfoliates daily without over drying. (Yes, ZIRH is for men, but trust me ladies, it will work for you!)  Just as a word of advice: Get the wash in the smaller size as the large aluminum container makes it hard to get out.

$20 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

8. START AN ANTI-AGING REGIMINE! It's never too early to begin using creams and lotions.  Luckily, FEMMESCIENCE has developed a system specifically designed for women in their 30s! This age control lotion contains CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea, and Vitamins A, C, and E to keep your skin at its best during these years! FemmeScience also has many other great products designed to prevent signs of aging before they start!

$28-$54 FemmeScience www.femmescience.com

7. COLOR WISELY! Cover up those emerging grays with a temporary, non-ammonia color to keep hair soft and manageable.  If hair is less than 50% gray, you don't need harsh peroxide dyes.

Start with a lightweight concealer only under the eyes, or where you have a blemish.  I like LANCOME Effacernes Under Eye Concealer.  Tap lightly under the eye area and onto blemishes, blending in with the skin.

$28.50 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

Next, Use a SHEER COVERAGE foundation such as DIORSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup.  Apply a VERY thin layer over skin and blend down the neck for a more even skin tone, and nobody will know you are wearing it.  If you must use a powder, keep it as light as possible, tapping off the brush before applying on face.  Excessive powder can make you look older.

$46 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

Keep Lips and Eyes Light and Bright! You are still young, and don't you forget it. 
This great palette from LORAC is great for day to night glamour and won't leave you looking overly made up.

$35 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com


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