Fabulous at 40!

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Thursday, July 22, 2010

So you are 40 years old and all of a sudden you are looking in the mirror wondering where that youthful glow went and what you can do to fix it.  Expensive surgery? Not necessarily... There are some easy skincare, makeup, and hair tricks that an restore that glow and leave you feeling great about that reflection. Just don't forget your age, and trying too hard to look young will actually leave you looking older.

1. HYDRATE AND TREAT THOSE FINE LINES! As skin ages, it often gets dry and thick, so using a good quality moistrizer will help skin stay fresh and elastic.  I really like IMMUPURE's Daily Face Moisturizer, which contains bovine colostrum, which is a protein proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, replenishing lost collagen along with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

$185 - Henri Bendel 5th Ave www.henribendel.com

2. EXFOLIATE! The skin on your face and body can actually thicken and look dull and flaky if not properly exfoliated.  Exfoliating will keep cell regenergation levels at their maximun so that you retain that natural glow.  DR. BRANDT's Microdermabrasion contains Lactic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile to gently exfoliate while calming and reducing redness.  A great opportunity for those wanting a dermatologist treatment at home!

$75 - Dr. Brandt www.drbrandt.com

3. TREAT SKIN SPOTS! You no longer need to see a dermatologist to treat age spots effectively.  A brand new product from CLINIQUE offers a dramatic reduction in the appearance of dark spots on the face.

$50 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

4. UPDATE YOUR HAIR!  If you have had the same hair style for ten years or more, it's time to rethink your look.  Go to a good colorist and try highlights, or a new cut! A new hair style can freshen up your look and take years off!

5. FOUNDATION! If you have fairly even skin, you don't need a heavy foundation, or alot of powder, which can make it look like you are trying to cover up too much.  The best thing that I have found is to mix 1 part medium cover foundation such as YSL Teint Eclat De Soi with a light reflection serum from NARS (Brightening Serum) and apply to the face with a GOOD QUALITY brush, for a barely there, flawless finish.

$54 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

$61 - Henri Bendel 5th Ave www.henribendel.com

6. HIGHLIGHER! I have recommended this on AT LEAST two other occasions, but Touche Eclat Highlighter from YSL is THE ONLY highlighter you will ever need!  Apply and blend on the bridge of the nose, right above brow line, and right below lower lids.

$40 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

7. EYES!  Stay with neutral, warm colors on the eyes, and don't get too bright.  Using bright eyeshadow at this age will leave you looking like a watching punch line, and that is a look that nobody wants. SEPHORA COLLECTION offers a great artist palette at a great price for any look!

$32 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

8. LIPS! Prime the lips with a lip balm before using any lipstick or color.  Now is the age when it is appropriate to wear a darker shade of red for a more dramatic, mature look.  Try CHANEL Rouge Allure in any of 25 fabulous colors.  This lipstick has just the right balance of moisturizing and styaing power.

$30 - Saks 5th Avenue www.saks.com


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