50... and Still Fierce!

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Friday, July 23, 2010

As far as 50 goes, women often let themselves go down one or two paths: They stop caring about their appearance and taking care of themselves, or they become obsessed with looking younger and fighting aging.  Neither is healthy.  Every woman (and man) is beautiful, and don't you forget it!  At this point, you can continue the regimen of moisturizing and exfoliation that you were using in your 40s, but you may want to upgrade your product line.  With its cult following, CREME DE LA MER still remains one of the most effective anti-aging treatments available.  With a less than revolutionary list of ingredients, it is the emollient process in which it is made that makes this NASA-developed creme the industry leader.

Pricing Upon Request - Major Department Stores Nationwide

MAKEUP: You should continue to use the PRIMER/FOUNDATION/HIGHLIGHTER regimen which I recommended for your 40s, using quality brands and products, but there are a few additional things you should know about makeup in your 50s.  Just make sure to avoid MATTE foundations, as they make your skin appear to be overly dry.

1. CREAM BLUSH.  Since skin tends to dry out as you age, using moisturizing ingredients will keep your face looking fresh and radiant.  STILA's Convertible Color is an excellent choice, as these moisturizing compacts can also be used on the lips!

$24 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

2. TRANSLUCENT POWDER.  Caking on the powder is going to make your skin clay-like and actually AGE YOU more, so use sparingly.  MAKE UP FOR EVER's HD Microfinish Powder goes on light and leaves your skin silky and flawless.  TIP: Tap off excess powder before applying to your face to ensure a smooth, sheer coat.

$30 - Sephora Stores www..sephora.com

3. EYELINER.  Apply to your top lid ONLY as a smokey eye can make you look tired at this age.  CLINIQUE offers a very nice Quickliner, which is a self-sharpening pencil in 14 shades that goes on easily on softer skin above the eye.  TIP: Try a grey or brown liner instead of black to make you look fresh and young.  TIP: Using a white or very light green eyeliner inside the lash line on the lower lid can open up your eyes and make you appear younger, and more rested.

$14.50 Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

4. EYESHADOW.  The number one rule of eyeshadow in your 50s is to stay away from bright colors and anything with a shimmer, which can actually accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.  Choose instead matte eyeshadows like the Suede Palette from AMAZING COSMETICS.

$36 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

5. MASCARA. Lashes often appear thinner as you age, so make sure to use a good quality volumizing mascara on the top lashes only.  Also, it helps to use a lash primer such as DIOR's Lash Plumping Serum, which contains vitamins and proteins to enhance the natural lash appearance.

$28 - Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

6. LIPS. Use a lip liner to prevent feathering of the lipstick.  If you have fine lines around your lips, MODELCO has a Perfection Lip Wax Kit that contains a waxy coating for your lips as well as a nude lip liner to keep you lip stick firmly in place.  TIP: Use a moisturizing lipstick, NOT a long wear lipstick, as the longer the wear, the more drying the lipstick.

$30 - Henri Bendel 5th Ave www.henribendel.com

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