Let Your Curls SHINE!

Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Most people blessed with curly hair do everything they can to try and eliminate their beautiful curls, but when maintained properly, curly hair can be the most beautiful and regal of all! Remember, it  is easier to straighten curls than to curl straight hair!

1. WASHING... Only wash curly hair 2-3 times per week, as it is essential to let the natural oils build up to prevent frizz in your curls,  Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for curls such as TIGI CATWALK Curls Rock.  Condition every time you shampoo to prevent frizz.

$14 - Drugstores Nationwide

$15 - Drugstores Nationwide

2. DRY IT RIGHT! Don't wring out vigorously with a towel, and whatever you do STAY AWAY  from heat, it will intensify frizz.  After washing and conditioning, use fingers to pull a blend of 2 parts curl cream such as MOROCCAN OIL Intense Curl Cream and 1 part curl serum like DAVINES Momo curl serum through your hair, and let it air dry! TIP: Pat off excess moisture with a plain cotton T-shirt.

$45 - Moroccan Oil www.moroccanoil.com

$20 - Davines www.davines.com

3. DON'T TOUCH IT! Curly hair becomes frizzy very easily, and the more you play with or touch your hair, the more it will dry out and become frizzy, so HANDS OFF!

4. CUT IT RIGHT! First, find a salon and stylist experienced with curly hair...and stick with it.  Then make sure to keep your style at a medium to long length, as curls need weight to prevent the "pyramid-head" effect.

Straightening curly hair is EXTREMELY damaging, so if you are going to do this on a regular basis, look into a permanent treatment which can be performed at your salon.

1. Use a hair straightening serum such as L'OREAL Professional Texture Expert Fluid.

$20 - Drustores Nationwide

2. Blow dry it straight with a paddle brush.  Separate hair into four sections, clipping the others up as you go.
3. Use a flat iron in 2" segments.
4. Finish with a silicone glossing spray to counteract the damage caused by the heat.  I like PAUL MITCHELL Smoothing Serum.

$15 - Paul Mitchell Salons



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