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Posted by STETSON CREATIVE Monday, September 20, 2010

You have already heard about Shark Week, Greek Week, Fashion Week, etc...but this week only, Stetson Creative is giving you SPA WEEK. Now that all of you have exhausted yourself going to every show and party during New York Fashion Week, needing more and more concealer to cover up the dark circles as the days progressed. I am going to show you how to reclaim your center and help your body undo the damage done by your lifestyle of excess. Plus, creating a SPA at home is easy and might just get addicted!

The first step to your at-home spa experience is to set the mood.

1. CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM! Having a clean environment is the single most important thing to having an enjoyable spa day at home, so get out the bleach, scrubbing bubbles, windex, and whatever else you need to make your bathroom squeaky clean from floor to ceiling.

While your bathroom may not look like this, white tiles should look WHITE! 

2. ADJUST THE LIGHTING! Those bright bulbs that make applying makeup a snap? Get rid of them and replace with soft white bulbs with a 40 Watt maximum power.  If you are really ambitious, install a dimmer on the light switch for a more permanent solution, or if you intend on having frequent spa days.  A dimmer lighting situation will help calm your nerves and really help you relax.

3. GET SOME AROMATHERAPY CANDLES! Candles provide great ambiance and emit a soothing aroma which permeates the entire room, creating the ultimate relaxation experience.  The Soy Candles from PACIFICA blend natural and essential oils, for a long burning sensual experience.  Available in floral, fruity, herbal, and woody fragrances, there is something for every man and woman.

$22 - Pacifica Perfume

4. GET SOME RELAXATION MUSIC! Whether you prefer soft jazz, electronica, or folk...getting some great relaxing music is very important to setting the scene for your spa day.  One of my favorites is Dan Gibson's Solitudes Polynesian Spa, with some great piano and soothing melodies to let your mind drift and your stress melt away...

You can download this album HERE.

5. GET SOME GOOD SUPPLIES!  Having a nice big stack of fluffy towels and a nice robe will make your spa experience TO DIE FOR.  I like to go with all white everything for true spa effect, but color choice is obviously up to you.  RALPH LAUREN makes the best towels and robes for this occasion in the Lauren Collection.  Get some assorted sizes for face, hair, and body, and add a terrycloth headband if you have long hair and some nice clean slippers.  You should also collect a fabulous assortment of sponges and clothes, like the ones available from CLEANLOGIC .  They offer Bath and Shower Cloths, Exfoliating Body Scrubbers, and Bath Gloves which will provide your skin with the luxurious treatment it deserves.

$58 - Bloomingdales

$5 Each - Cleanlogic


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  1. Maddy Joy Said,

    There are so many variety in spa clothes. I realized after using some of stuffs, usefulness of it.
    Spa Bathrobes

    Posted on September 24, 2010 at 8:33 AM


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