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Now that you have removed the clutter of old and unused products, and sanitized everything to like-new condition, your logical next step will be to organize everything.  My recommendation: purchase a train case from a cosmetic supply company to store everything, or get clear plastic trays where everything can be easily found.

Start by dividing your products by type and color.  I like to separate EYES, LIPS, FACE, and NAILS into separate trays, so everything can be found with ease.  Within these trays, organize by color and subcategory: Keep all eyeshadows together, eyeliners, and mascara together, blushes, concealers, and bronzers should also be kept together.  If you have as much make-up as I do, you can further subdivide into powder vs cream makeup within your subcategories.

You may find it helpful to color-code your makeup, as most brands don't utilize transparent packaging.  I recommend getting small white round labels and adhering them to the visible portion of the container and them applying a sample of the makeup onto the label.  Spray with hair spray to avoid smudging and further mess.

Get a washable fabric brush organizer that you can roll up and store with your makeup.  This will keep their shape and maintain cleanliness of brushes.

A few MUST HAVES for organizing your makeup:

SEPHORA Metro Train Case in Gunmetal Croc
Both stylish and utilitarian, this way all of your cosmetics will be easily accessible and organized!

$110 Sephora Stores www.sephora.com

TASMERAH Makeup Organizers
Keeps everything organized in great see-though bags.

$39-$43 Alcone Company www.alconeco.com

JAPONESQUE Custom Lip Palette Kit
Allows you to rescue those bits of lipstick taking up space in your kit, and add them perfectly into a compact palette.

$18 - Japonesque www.japonesque.com


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